Startup Sphere Weekly #10

Making $42,000/month selling bamboo sheets, plus $499,000 for a SaaS that helps cleaning businesses scale.

Hello again and welcome to another edition of Startup Sphere, a weekly 5-minute digest about online businesses selling for life-changing amounts of money.

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E-commerce store that specializes in bamboo bedding items

Asking Price: $388,000
Monthly Revenue: $42,000
Monthly Profit: $10,000

I love finding niche e-commerce stores because it reminds me how many industries are out there that I’ve never even thought of.

This particular store specializes in selling bamboo bedding items. I’m not an expert on bamboo bedding, but apparently, it’s good for regulating temperature and is gentle on your hair and skin.

I can see a business like this doing well, mostly because buyers in super-niche industries are usually obsessed with the product.

I also see an opportunity to expand this business into other sleep-based products by incorporating them into the existing website or using customer data from this business to launch a sub-category.

Competitors like Cosy House take the “affordable luxury“ angle, which is what I think you would do with bamboo sheets as well. Another competitor is Bedsure.

Scheduling software that helps cleaning businesses scale

Asking Price: $499,000
Monthly Revenue: $14,000
Monthly Profit: $5,000

Now this is what I’m talking about. What a great example of taking a traditional industry and modernizing it. This business is a scheduling software that helps cleaning businesses organize and scale.

I’ve been seeing these types of cleaning businesses in my neighborhood recently. Basically, you hire cleaners and distribute jobs for them as they come in. As the business owner, you are pretty much only focusing on the marketing and operations. This software helps these types of businesses address what I imagine is a major pain point - scheduling. They also help cleaning businesses set up online bookings, quotes, text reminders, etc.

I love businesses like this because they bring a breath of fresh air to an otherwise boring business. I truly think this is a great way to make money. Competitors include ZenMaid and Launch27.

Web and product design agency for SaaS startups

Asking Price: $250,000
Monthly Revenue: $15,000
Monthly Profit: $12,000

I often hear how an agency model doesn’t work for product and development companies, but this tells us otherwise.

This agency functions as a product design partner and helps its clients bring projects to life through web design, product design, and Webflow development.

The nice thing about a business model like this is that you only need a few high-ticket clients to make substantial money. It seems like this company charges a monthly $7,500 retainer, which is amazing. I can also imagine churn is quite low since you’re building integral technology for other people’s businesses, so they’d need your agency for ongoing help.

Competitors include DesignJoy, Locomotive, and Awesomic.

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— Vlad Verba

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