Startup Sphere Weekly #2

Tech that manages trucking companies selling for $2 million and making $14,000/month selling wedding packages.

Happy new year and welcome to the second edition of Startup Sphere. Every week I write about profitable online businesses that are selling for life-changing amounts of money. I am excited to grow this newsletter in 2024 and help people build or buy their next business idea.

Vegas-style weddings and elopement packages in NYC

Asking Price: $533,630
Monthly Revenue: $14,000
Monthly Profit: $9,000

This listing is a good reminder that you don’t need to build the next AI wrapper or complex Saas to make life-changing amounts of money. This business took the concept of the Las Vegas wedding and applied the same idea in NYC. They offer all-inclusive micro-wedding packages with the average package selling for $2,850. All of their customers come to them organically, meaning there is a huge opportunity for someone who knows how to market this idea correctly. Competitors include

A scalable API for scraping social media data

Asking Price: $1.15 million
Monthly Revenue: $32,000
Monthly Profit: $23,000

This Saas allows its customers to scrape social media data from Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter via an API. This is extremely impressive, as more and more social media platforms have been shutting down access to their APIs. Twitter is the most recent example. As more platform lock down their data, users will need to turn somewhere, and this Saas solves exactly that problem. From personal experience, scraping large, sophisticated platforms feels like an uphill battle most of the time. This is a drawback to keep in mind. Competitors include,, and

Tech that manages trucking companies by optimizing processes

Asking Price: $2 million
Monthly Revenue: $51,000
Monthly Profit: $20,000

This business is a great example of introducing modern automation into a traditional niche. The trucking sector is unlikely to go away any time soon. This Saas does a good job of stepping in and helping a niche that is run primarily by the older generation, revolutionize its systems. They have integrations with over 30 industry-leading software providers, making them an easy choice for companies who already have an established tech stack. Competitors include, and

Recently Sold:

I recently came across this tweet from Noah Bragg. I highly recommend reading through the tweet, as there is a lot of valuable information. Noah had been building for 2 years. The tool lets you build a custom website using Notion. I’ve seen a couple of products similar to this, and it seems to be a big market. This is a good example of the benefits of building on top of something else (in this case Notion), as the user base already exists, you just need to reach them. Potion grew to “only“ $6,300 MRR and sold for $300,000. This goes to show the power of Saas and the multiples it can sell for. I encourage you to follow Noah on Twitter (X).

Thanks for reading the second edition of Startup Sphere. I’m excited to keep bringing you a new edition every week. I am trying to reach 100 subscribers, so I would appreciate it if you could forward this to anyone interested in tech, business, and startups. That’s all for this week!

Vlad (@vladverba)