Startup Sphere Weekly #20

A podcast booking agency making $16,000/month. Plus, a SaaS for day trading & technical analysis making $300,000/month.

Hey, it’s Vlad here. Welcome back to this week’s edition of Startup Sphere - a 5-minute weekly digest about online businesses selling for life-changing amounts of money. This is the 20th edition of this newsletter, which feels surreal. Thank you all for the support.


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Weekly Rundown

SaaS for trading & technical analysis

Asking Price: $4.25 million
TTM Revenue: $3.68 million
TTM Profit: $1.38 million

This listing definitely caught my eye, since I am usually suspicious of trading-related SaaS products.

The business for sale is a SaaS that gives traders valuable insight into market conditions. Mainly, the product helps users with technical trading by providing insights on the user’s chart indicators.

The business has grown past just this feature, and now gives users access to educational resources, trading alerts, and one-on-one mentorship.

I’ve recently noticed an increase in day trading-related content on TikTok. My only gripe with this niche is that it is overrun by grifters.

This does seem like a legitimate business, but this is probably not an industry I would personally grow a business in.

Maybe someone with some more industry experience can weigh in on this. Is this a reputable business? Or is technical analysis just a hoax?

No-code development agency

Asking Price: $218,000
TTM Revenue: $104,000
TTM Profit: $56,000

I’m a big fan of agency businesses, and this listing is a great example of one.

The business for sale is a no-code app development agency. They offer assistance for no-code app development, specializing in Bubble apps.

I think this is a very healthy business to acquire. The type of work is very predictable, allowing the owner to hone in on just one skill - Bubble app development.

The business also saw 100% revenue growth from last year, and spends very little money on advertising (I assume most of the clients come from cold outreach).

Competitors include RapidDev, Airdev, Zeroqode, and countless others.

Podcast booking agency

Asking Price: $250,000
TTM Revenue: $191,000
TTM Profit: $32,000

Here’s another agency listing that caught my eye - a podcast booking service for investment companies.

The business specializes in booking alternative investment companies and real estate professionals on podcast episodes. The goal is to help their clients raise more money, gain exposure, etc.

Podcasts are an extremely effective marketing channel for this because the podcast’s audience is heavily invested in the contents of a podcast, often listening for hours.

I can see this business expanding to other niches, for example, booking podcast interviews for busy entrepreneurs who want to grow their personal brand.

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Last Week’s Poll Results

🥇 [50%]: AI support chatbot for businesses
🥈 [38%]: Pet products e-commerce store
🥉 [12%]: Online courses for arts & crafts enthusiasts

Subscriber Feedback:

Even though the b2b business seems better at face value, the arts courses has several things going for it: 1. It’s not as overwhelmed by inundated industry players (like Intercom), 2. Arts & Crafts enthusiasts are committed – they spend tons of money and time on their hobbies. It’s effectively a pro-sumer market. 3. Growth is fantastic, driven only a little paid ads 4. Online courses are great digital products that can live in a library and the library can be added to, rather than a software that constantly needs to be updated.

Voted for “Online courses for arts & crafts enthusiasts“

This Week’s Finds

Cody shares a YouTube business idea around Shopify (link)

Marc Lou shares his tech stack (link)

Entrepreneurs talk about the difficulty and time commitment of growing a business (link)

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