Startup Sphere Weekly #21

A hospice management software making $505,000/year. Plus, a dental lead generation agency making $96,000/year.

Hey, it’s Vlad here. Welcome back to this week’s edition of Startup Sphere - a 5-minute weekly digest about online businesses selling for life-changing amounts of money.

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Weekly Rundown

Platform that specializes in 3D assets

Asking Price: $99,000
TTM Revenue: $120,000
TTM Profit: $60,000

This business is a great lesson in diversification.

The company sells 3D assets across multiple marketplaces. These assets then funnel customers into an agency that develops custom 3D assets and animations for the business.

This is an interesting business structure that acts like a funnel, pushing customers from a low-paying product (pre-made 3D assets) to a higher ticket item (custom agency work).

The business has another vertical - a free Figma plugin. I assume this organically gets downloads via the Figma app store and drives traffic to other parts of the business. A great example of product-led marketing.

I would do some research on AI image generation before buying a business like this. While AI isn’t quite good enough yet to replace professional 3D renders and animations, it is something to keep in mind for the future.

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Hospice management software

Asking Price: $1,096,000
TTM Revenue: $505,000
TTM Profit: $99,000

Successful businesses are operating in niches I’ve never even thought of. This listing is a perfect example of that.

The business for sale is a management software for hospice and senior homes. The idea is to improve the efficiency and experience of senior homes and hospice centers. The solution is tailor-made, allowing businesses to choose which modules of the tech they want to use and pay for (Dining, Digital Signage, Recreation, Maintenance Request, Family Portal).

The business has been around for 13 years. While slightly uncomfortable to say, this is a niche that will always be around, similar to funeral homes, gravestone makers, etc.

This isn’t a business I would personally get involved in. However, this is a great opportunity for someone looking to manage a tech solution in an evergreen space.

The margins for this business are a bit low (for a tech company) so that is something worth asking about if you’re interested in purchasing this business.

Dental lead generation agency

Asking Price: Open to offers
TTM Revenue: $96,000
TTM Profit: $64,000

This business isn’t particularly impressive or revolutionary, but the niche intrigued me enough to feature it in the newsletter.

The business is a lead generation agency for dentists. But they don’t focus on the generic “get leads for your business" approach. The business specifically focuses on generating Invisalign leads for orthodontists.

The business uses Facebook ads to target and get Invisalign leads. They charge dentists $450/month and spend around $150 a month on ad spend, profiting $300 per client.

This also seems like a good business to get your foot in the door with dentists. After you show them the results of Facebook ads for Invisalign, you can upsell higher ticket marketing services specific to orthodontists.

NOTE: It seems like the listing is just claiming it will teach you the method. So I am not sure if they are selling the whole business or just the method. Which seems a little fishy to me, so beware. Either way, I thought this was an interesting enough business model to feature here.

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