Startup Sphere Weekly #22

An analytics platform for trends making $15,000 per month. Plus, a global directory for medications selling for $140,000.

Hey, it’s Vlad here. Welcome back to this week’s edition of Startup Sphere - a 5-minute weekly digest about online businesses selling for life-changing amounts of money.

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Thanks all, now let’s get into this week’s listings 👇

Weekly Rundown

Global directory for medications

Asking Price: $140,000
TTM Revenue: $76,000
TTM Profit: $70,000

I thought this idea was genius when I first saw it because this is something I struggle with when visiting foreign countries.

The business for sale is a tool that helps travelers find equivalent medications in different countries. Effectively this is a global directory/database for medications.

Based on Google Analytics, the website saw a large spike in visitors (up to 500,000 per month) but has since been slowly declining. It still got 230,000 visitors in April 2024.

The business primarily monetizes through Google AdSense. But I think there may be an opportunity in a paid subscription offering. is an example of a competitor.

In partnership with GummySearch

Ideate & validate businesses with Reddit.

Reddit is a gold mine for entrepreneurs and business owners (it’s how I started growing this newsletter).

GummySearch is an all-in-one Reddit tool that helps you ideate business ideas, find your target customer, and market your product on Reddit.

E-commerce store for beard care essentials

Asking Price: $165,000
TTM Revenue: $170,000
TTM Profit: $58,000

The men’s beauty niche has been on the rise in recent years, and this business effectively monetizes that trend.

The business for sale is an e-commerce store that sells beard care essentials. This includes items like beard conditioners, shampoos, softeners, etc.

The listing does not specifically mention if they sell other items, but I can imagine beard combs, razors, etc would be a good fit for the target audience as well.

I also think there is a great opportunity here to partner with beard-related influencers (Brock O’Hurn is an example). You can set up an affiliate offer, send them free products, etc.

There has been a slight revenue decline from last year (17.6%), which is something worth asking about if you are looking to purchase this business.

SaaS for market intelligence and trends

Asking Price: $150,000
TTM Revenue: $190,000
TTM Profit: $70,000

I’m a big fan of data-driven companies/solutions, and this business is a good example of that.

The business for sale is Quantumrun - an intelligence platform that helps businesses discover and transform trend insights into actionable business decisions.

I assume this company aggregates and consolidates large amounts of data, and then uses that data to help its customers make decisions. The main product is the trends platform (which I assume is what helps you spot and visualize trends). The company also has a newsletter, which is a great marketing channel and product.

I also think there is an opportunity to offer consulting. This would allow the business to charge a higher price and use its backend technology to help higher-ticket clients.

I think AI would help a company like this run much more efficiently. You can train the AI on your datasets and uncover information a human may not have seen.

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