Startup Sphere Weekly #23

An Amazon store making $60,000/month. Plus, a unique SaaS selling for $950,000.

Hey, it’s Vlad here. Welcome back to this week’s edition of Startup Sphere - a 5-minute weekly digest about online businesses selling for life-changing amounts of money.

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Weekly Rundown

Portfolio of custom artwork websites

Asking Price: $1.5 million
TTM Revenue: $2.9 million
TTM Profit: $390,000

The business for sale is a portfolio of websites that make custom artwork. The websites include:

Each website has a specific theme, allowing you to target a specific audience for each website in the portfolio.

The business has some solid systems in place. The customer service team is located in the Philippines and the artists (who draw the art) are located all over the world. Artists are paid on a per-artwork basis.

One of the best ways to market this business would be by sending artwork to influencers in exchange for a shoutout.

AI is creeping into the artwork industry, but I don’t think that is something to fear. There is still something special about the human touch. If anything, you can think about adding a lower-cost option that makes an image with AI and then upsell users on the real artwork.

Competitors include Art of Yellow and Make Me Cartoons.

Amazon store selling a tofu press

Asking Price: $577,000
TTM Revenue: $718,000
TTM Profit: $137,000

This business is a great example of building a successful business by selling only one product.

The listing is an Amazon store that sells a tofu press. The main selling point of the tofu press is that it drastically reduces tofu prep time to 15 minutes.

The business makes around $45,000/month, peaking at $118,000/month recently.

Currently, the company is only on Amazon and sells just one product. Even with these constraints, it is extremely successful. This gives whoever buys the business an opportunity to expand. The new owner can continue adding cooking items to the product portfolio. You can also build out a separate store on Shopify and expand your surface area.

Here’s the Amazon search for tofu press, for those interested.

SaaS for temporary phone numbers

Asking Price: $950,000
TTM Revenue: $173,000
TTM Profit: $149,000

This business is a company that offers a solution to a unique problem.

The business for sale is an online platform that provides users with temporary phone numbers. The listing mentions it is the “world's most popular temporary phone number platform“.

The company is 5 years old and makes money by selling phone numbers to its users, so it is a one-time payment.

The website also likely has a high authority on Google, averaging 2.5 million visits per month.

This does feel more like a “gray hat“ business. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a viable business model. But something to keep in mind is you may be fighting an uphill battle with regulations, ToS, etc.

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Last Week’s Poll Results

🥇 [66%]: SaaS for market intelligence and trends
🥈 [33%]: Global directory for medications
🥉 [0%]: E-commerce store for beard care essentials

Subscriber Feedback:

“The directory is a simple hands-off business but the market intelligence company is attractive because it has multiple revenue streams and can sell high ticket services for long contracts.”

Voted for “SaaS for market intelligence and trends“

Thanks again for reading this week’s edition of Startup Sphere, I hope you enjoyed it. As always, you can help me out for free by forwarding this email to a friend who is interested in business. I appreciate the support. Till next week ✌️

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