Startup Sphere Weekly #24

An analytics platform making $30,000/month. Plus a Webflow tool selling for $2.3 million.

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Weekly Rundown

Online store selling digital products for creators

Asking Price: $250,000
TTM Revenue: $61,000
TTM Profit: $50,000

The business for sale is an online store that sells digital products like Lightroom presets, color grading LUTs, VFX, and other filmmaking assets.

Most of the growth of the business has been completely organic, through Google and YouTube search rankings.

The big advantage of a business model like this is that there are no shipping costs or overhead since all the products are digital. This means the profit margins are very high and you wouldn’t have to deal with complicated logistical issues.

This business is a great opportunity to partner with an influencer in the space. There are multiple examples of influencers like Peter McKinnon who have built a personal brand in this niche and sell a similar product to their audience.

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Sports data and analytics platform

Asking Price: $1.25 million
TTM Revenue: $428,000
TTM Profit: $364,000

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And this business effectively monetizes that by offering a soccer data and analytics platform.

The company has a strong track record. They have been in business for 10 years and have seen a 150% YoY growth. Currently, the website gets 80,000 visitors and generates $30,000 every month.

One potential growth opportunity here is introducing other sports into the platform (basketball, baseball, etc). Since many sports fans aren’t actually fans of only one sport, this is a good way to further build out the product, get deeper with the existing audience, and attract a new audience.

The seller is open to negotiation on the sale price.

No-code Webflow optimization tool

Asking Price: $2.3 million
TTM Revenue: $486,000
TTM Profit: $358,000

One of the best ways to get customers for your business is by building a solution for an existing platform.

The business for sale is a no-code tool for Webflow that allows websites to implement dynamic filtering, search, and other interactivity features.

The business was founded in 2019 and has close to 2,000 active customers.

This business would be great for someone looking to build a portfolio of no-code Webflow tools. Since this business already has a loyal customer base and a strong ranking in the Webflow store, this would be an opportunity to cross-sell other products in the portfolio.

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Fraser is selling a niche B2B database business.

Some stats:

💰 $275,000 asking price

🔃 $7,000 monthly recurring revenue

🔥 $1,300 user LTV (lifetime value)

👍 Low churn (~10%)

I watched Fraser build this business on Twitter when he started it, so it feels full circle to feature it here now that he’s selling it.

The business is a niche version of Apollo/Zoominfo. The product is simply a database of leads, which makes it low maintenance.

Currently, cold email is the only marketing channel. This is a good opportunity to step in, double down on existing marketing channels, and begin experimenting with something new.

You can contact him directly on Twitter, or view the listing here.

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