Startup Sphere Weekly #26

A SaaS tool selling for $2.4 million. Plus, an education platform making $19,000/month.

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Weekly Rundown

Educational platform for freelancers

Asking Price: $420,000
TTM Revenue: $227,000
TTM Profit: $180,000

The educational space is an extremely lucrative niche. When you pair it with financial independence, you have a strong business model.

The business for sale is an online learning platform for current and aspiring freelancers. The platform allows users to choose from multiple career paths and gives them step-by-step instructions and guidance.

This business is 16 years old, so it has a strong track record. This is interesting because this type of business has been becoming even more popular in recent years. Online entrepreneurs like Andrew Tate and Iman Ghadzi launch their own educational platforms, teaching their audience a high-income skill and how to get clients.

I think this is a great business model in a strong niche. I did notice the revenue has been on a slow decline, so that is something worth asking about.

High-quality supplements brand

Asking Price: $598,000
TTM Revenue: $700,000
TTM Profit: $140,000

This business is a brand in the health niche, selling fitness supplements to health-conscious individuals.

Based on the business description, I think the business for sale is Amped Supps.

It is important to note that this isn’t a business that makes its own supplements. Rather, they partner with existing supplement companies and give their customers a wide selection to choose from.

This business is a good buy for someone looking to get into the supplements industry but doesn't want the risk of testing and formulating their own supplements.

If you don’t have a marketing background, this is also a good opportunity to buy the business in partnership with a fitness influencer. This would ensure there is someone who has experience in the industry and can handle the marketing side of the business.

There are plenty of competitors in the space: Bulldog Nutrition, Supplement King, and Popeyes Supplements just to name a few.

Platform to create mobile apps

Asking Price: $2,400,000
TTM Revenue: $829,000
TTM Profit: $448,000

The business for sale is a SaaS that helps users build and publish mobile apps. I like the concept behind a business like this because it empowers people to build a mobile app, without having the technical knowledge.

This business is in the same sphere as website builders, like Wix and Squarespace, which help people build websites without knowing how to code.

The business looks healthy. It has been around for 13 years and gets close to 150,000 visitors every month. It also has a low churn at 5%. It is selling at a 4.2x profit multiple, which is a bit high IMO, so that is something worth negotiating.

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