Startup Sphere Weekly #28

A revops platform selling for $354,000. Plus a SaaS making $1,100,000/year.

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Weekly Rundown

Podcast collaboration platform

Asking Price: $350,000
TTM Revenue: $134,000
TTM Profit: $115,000

Podcasts have been on the rise and are often considered one of the strongest marketing channels. One of the hardest parts of running a podcast is consistently getting guests. This company solves that.

The business for sale is a podcast host and guest collaboration platform. They work on connecting podcast hosts, with people who want to appear on podcasts. This simplifies the process for both parties.

The main selling point for podcast hosts is that it will help grow their podcast faster since they are able to access more guests. On the podcast gust side, they are benefitting from the publicity of being on a podcast.

The business makes money via a membership/ monthly subscription.

Personally, I am bullish on podcasts. Especially with the general attention span of consumers going down, podcast listeners are seen as dedicated, bottom-of-funnel fans.

PodMatch is an example of a competitor.

RevOps SaaS and consulting firm

Asking Price: $354,000
TTM Revenue: $213,000
TTM Profit: $115,000

I am a fan of businesses that are able to expand their offering in various business models.

The business for sale is a RevOps company that has a SaaS offering, as well as a consulting/agency business. The main business is an all-in-one CRM platform that helps small businesses automate their marketing, build a sales funnel, etc.

I like this business structure because you are able to have a business that has a technology stack, while also offering a high-ticket service (consulting in this case). This helps build a moat and distinguish yourself from other businesses that offer just the agency/consulting option for example.

Although no longer mentioned in the listing, I believe the listing is for the company Handshakr.

Capsule is an example of a competitor.

Retail discount aggregator

Asking Price: $750,000
TTM Revenue: $1,100,000
TTM Profit: $200,000

This listing was very interesting to me. The business brings together an old industry and puts a modern twist on it.

The business for sale is a global discount aggregator. The company collects weekly ads and promotions from retailers and brands.

At first, I thought this business was similar to the popular discount aggregator, Honey. However, the business actually focuses on collecting digital brochures that contain coupon codes and discounts from large retailers.

The company is actually mentioned in the listing, Prisero. Browsing through their website, it seems like they just have a collection of brochures in a digital format. I am not sure where they get these, but I can imagine there are some sources which you can scrape the PDF of the brochure from.

The most impressive thing about this business is the traffic scale. In 2023, Prisero achieved over 103,000,000 page views. I’m sure some other monetization opportunities are possible with this scale of traffic.

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1st Place (46%): Testimonial collection software
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3rd Place (23%): Automated crypto trading software

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“Testimonials are very powerful and virtually every business can benefit from having quality ones. But, getting them is hard. Software that makes it easy to collect and display testimonials is gold.”

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  • an omnichannel automation tool selling for $500,000

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