Startup Sphere Weekly #3

An agency portal tool selling for $1.2 million and a solo founder making $10,000 profit per month.

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Startup Sphere! Every week, I write about interesting online business ideas that I find, that are selling for life-changing amounts of money. I’d appreciate it if you forwarded this to someone who likes reading about business, startups, and tech. Let’s get right into it!

Client portal SaaS for design and creative agencies

Asking Price: $1.25 million
Monthly Revenue: $24,000
Monthly Profit: $16,000

This business is a client portal for agencies and productized services, allowing them to streamline payments, time tracking, file sharing, collaboration, etc. This idea reminds me of Iman Ghadzi’s AgenciFlow (now Flozy?). This specific business seems to be doing well. However, I always wondered about the success rate of these businesses. Each agency operates differently, so pigeon-holing the communication, billing, and collaboration process. Especially when free tools like Trello exist. In my opinion, this specific business is successful because it carved out a niche, and specifically appeals to creative agencies. It has a long list of competitors: Service Provider Pro, Suite Dash, ClickUp, Wrike, and Monday.

Saas integrates data from thousands of sources into Google Sheets

Asking Price: $1.2 million
Monthly Revenue: $30,000
Monthly Profit: $21,000

There are countless memes about how Excel/Google Sheets hold up the entire United States economy. This is only partially a joke. Companies love using Google Sheets to do ad hoc analysis, establish a source of truth, and aggregate reports. This SaaS makes it easy to do just that. It allows users to integrate data from thousands of sources without interacting with APIs. The company has just one founder and one freelance developer, so it is super lean. Competitors include Supermetrics, Coupler, and Power My Analytics.

A suite of popular web development plugins on

Asking Price: $695,000
Monthly Revenue: $10,000
Monthly Profit: $10,000

The founder of this business built a suite of 17 web development plugins on, and is now looking to exit. There are a lot of advantages to this business, mainly its lack of complexity. The founder only devotes 2 hours per week to the business. The plugins are also just built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The profit margins are almost 90%. The other big advantage of this business is that a lot of the marketing comes from the Bubble marketplace, which is rapidly growing. I often see tweets about the advantages of building on top of a platform like the Chrome Web Store or Shopify Marketplace. While building on top of a platform is a huge advantage, there is always platform risk. It also means you have to be good at marketing to outrank all the copycats of your product since there isn’t much else separating you.

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