Startup Sphere Weekly #5

Making $39,000/month with fruit cleaners and a direct mail SaaS selling for $750,000.

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Without any further ado, let’s get into this week’s edition of Startup Sphere!

SaaS that specializes in automated direct mail advertising

Asking Price: $750,000
Monthly Revenue: $18,000
Monthly Profit: $11,000

When I saw “SaaS” and “direct mail advertising“ in the same sentence, the listing immediately caught my attention. The company is for vendors who do direct mail marketing, providing them with the necessary tools to monitor competitors and build their own campaigns. They charge anywhere from $100/month to $15,000/year. It has a digital library of over 265,000 PDFs of direct mail advertising campaigns from more than 36,000 different marketers. Now would I personally build in this niche? Probably not. It doesn’t seem like there is much space to stand out and innovate here. However, this could be a business worth purchasing, as the assets, data, and customers are more difficult to get and therefore more valuable. Competitors include Competiscan and Comperemedia.

E-commerce brand that specializes in electrolysis-based cleaners

Asking Price: $625,000
Monthly Revenue: $131,000
Monthly Profit: $39,000

Dropshipping is NOT dead, you’re just bad at it (I’m talking to myself). I’ve been seeing these “electrolysis” cleaners a lot on TikTok recently. However, when you Google it, not much information comes up. Here’s an example Amazon listing of what I’m referring to. The main selling point of these cleaners is that they remove pesticides, dirt, bugs, etc from your fruit and vegetables. In my opinion, this product is questionable at best, but I have to respect the hustle. Selling in the health niche is extremely lucrative, and this seems like a new niche that many are jumping into. The listing mentions that the company sells across Amazon and Shopify. One idea that I thought of is positioning these as a luxury/high-end cleaner to distinguish yourself from other stores that will look at big more “drop shipped”. I also think there is an opportunity here to use this product and expand the company into a bigger lifestyle and health brand. An example of a competitor is Garnish.

SaaS for improving Amazon product strategy and business management

Asking Price: $519,000
Monthly Revenue: $12,000
Monthly Profit: $11,000

This business capitalizes on one of the biggest industries, e-commerce. The business is a SaaS that helps users optimize their Amazon product listing, improve conversion rates, and boost visibility. They have three pricing tiers: $59/month, $119/month, $299/month. A tool like this is a no-brainer for Amazon sellers since you are helping them make more money for a small monthly fee. The company is from Bulgaria, so this could be a good opportunity for someone to expand into different markets, like the US. Competitors include JungleScount and Helium10.

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